“I have been using TechMate for years and would never work for a company that was stuck in the dark ages using Pen and Paper. I booked more than a million dollars in linehaul on my SalesMate last year.”
James Zaccari
United Agent


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Update Instructions
These download files are intended for Licensee's of FirstMate 4.0 or later. If you are not a current user of FirstMate or have a prior version of FirstMate, Contact Us about obtaining a copy or updating your FirstMate to the current version.
  1. Some update downloads require a password and login. Determine which file(s) you wish to download and contact TechMate International to obtain any necessary logins and passwords.
  2. Exit FirstMate if you have not already done so.
  3. Click "Run" or "Open" to run the program from it's current location.
  4. Download the necessary files.
  5. Follow any instructions that might appear during the update. When updating, a message box will appear saying "Proccessing Files!"
  6. To complete the update, start FirstMate. FirstMate will automatically process any update files in the Update directory.
Note: Not all installation procedures provide additional instructions. in some cases, none are necessary.