“I have been using TechMate for years and would never work for a company that was stuck in the dark ages using Pen and Paper. I booked more than a million dollars in linehaul on my SalesMate last year.”
James Zaccari
United Agent


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Training Videos
Android SalesMate FirstMate/Tablet LoadMate

Android SalesMate Summary

This video represents an overview of the Android SalesMate application

FirstMate Summary

This video provides a summary of the FirstMate application and it’s feature set.


This video walks you through a summary of the LoadMate driver inventory solution.


FirstMate Setup

“This video will walk you through the process of configuring users, tariffs, containers and valuation files on the FirstMate system.”



FirstMate Primary

This video walks through the process of entering data into the primary screen and setting up a prospect in the FirstMate program.



FirstMate Survey

Outlines the process of completing a survey and utilizing many of the resources and tools within the application.



FirstMate Rating

Offers a synopsis of rating a shipment and generating an Estimate/Order for Service.



Master Inventory

This video will walk you through the process of editing the master inventory list in the survey screen.